It is our pleasure to provide you as much health-related information as we can. Your care and well being is our greatest concern, and we want your visit with us to be as comfortable as possible. In addition, our highly qualified staff is available to assist you if you have special needs.

We have included some factsheets from the American Podiatric Medical Association for you to read:



 Arthritis img

Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease

 Diabetes img
 Diabetic Wound Care img
 High Blood Pressure img
 Peripheral Arterial Disease img
 Peripheral Neuropathy img

Foot & Ankle Injuries

 Sprains, Strains, and Fractures img

Muscle & Tendon Problems

 Haglund's Deformity img
 Heel Pain img
 Tendinitis img

Skin Disorders

 Corns and Calluses img
 Psoriasis img
 Skin Cancers of the Feet img
 Sweaty feet img
 Warts img

Toe Joint & Nerve Disorders

 Bunions img
 Hammer toes img
 Neuromas img

Toenail Problems

 Ingrown Toenails img
 Toenails Fungus img


 Shoe Inserts and Prescription Custom Orthotics img
 Surgery img

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